Renée Dion SCA, Watercolor artist


I express myself through the magic of art and with a deep passion for watercolors - I love the translucent quality they brings to my work and the fluidity of form evoked by this unique medium. With a brush and a vision, I can create beautifully expressive pieces to share with others.  This is how I live and this is what I teach.

Mastering the art of watercolor is challenging. As a teacher, I guide my students with positive energy, hoping to infuse them with the joy it takes to persist and succeed in any creative endeavor. And watercolor painting is astonishingly diverse, allowing emerging artists to explore, experiment and play with a wide variety of techniques.

The possibilities are endless and each new day brings another opportunity to pursue my vision. I know my love affair with watercolors will never end.

Welcome to my world of watercolors and a growing collection of art

that allows me to share my passion with the world.


Wild about watercolors